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Lisa S.
Menifee, CA
Good service, very happy with my mani pedi. Its a brand new store so there are specials..definitely worth it to check it out. Hopefully more staff as they grow.
Darin K.
Flagstaff, AZ
I got a gel manicure ($30) done by Kelly a few days ago. That's the best price I've seen around this area. Kelly did an awesome job and really took her time. She also was very friendly and didn't speak a different language or make me feel rushed during my visit. She helped me pick a nice neutral color since I am in the military and can't have bright colors.

I retuned today for a pedicure and she was pleased to see me again. She greeted me with a smile and remembered me from my last visit. She promptly got her tools ready and offered me an open seat. She's very friendly and I will be returning. I will always ask for her based on the other reviews. I'm happy I found a dependable nail tech that does a Professional job.

The only downside is that you can't tip on a card here. At least they prefer you not to. Kelly let me on the first visit. So bring cash for the tip. They do accept cards as payment, though.
Miriame A.
Dallas, TX
I love getting my nails done here . The ladies are sweet , respectful and very detail oriented. The services are a little slower than most places but it is worth the wait.
Amy F.
Gaithersburg, MD
Love these ladies. If you want something specific speak up or you won't get it, duh! I was just in when a ratchet woman and her friend wanted to complain after the pedicure was done, and refused to pay. As if she didn't see the end result at the pedicure chair. Smh. The owner removed the polish, refiled, reclipped, and repainted her nails for free and this woman still complained. She wanted an acrylic toenail for her messed up hammer toe and they refused. Hello, you were just in a pedicure bath. You want to lay acrylic on a toenail that's been soaking for 30 minutes. I think some people easily forget that you were provided a service and need to pay. They also seem to forget that these people deserve respect. If you're unhappy they'll make it right. If you're rude, they're only going to take so much until they're rude right back. Its sad that yelpers try to ruin their reputation. If you were happy you're not going online to post it, but if you're mad then of course you are. This place is great and the only way you'll know is to go. Now, my awesome nails (see pic).
Meechelle B.
Largo, MD
"V" did my pedicure with callus removal for $26. She was great! Very Professional and precise. I am a dancer amongst many other things so the heels of my feet get very dirty looking from the built up dead skin... She removed everything completely and did not sham on any step of my pedicure. She did not try to add on services (which I loved.) The polish looks very neat and Professional. My feet look renewed and feel rejuvenated. I only came because I was in town for the day, but I may make this home for my pedicures next summer! Also, there is no way to tip on your CC, so bring cash to treat your nail tech for great service!
Krystal W.
Germantown, MD
Update now that Professional Nails has gone under new management!! The place is cleaner and almost looks bigger..... I appreciate the new blood, as I stopped going due to the rude behavior I had experienced at my last visit.

The new owner must have owned a nail shop previously, as it seemed that they just brought over all of their old chairs and foot spa massage. The foot spa was really loud and uncomfortable. Though, I would still go again. My pedicure was great!
Kristin B.
Gaithersburg, MD
I always leave happy!! From my nails, toes and eyebrows! No pain, no gain! T is awesome!
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